Vader – Origin – Chapter 1

Ok, lets get this kicked off. Starring most of the SW characters that yer familiar with and ….the Wreckers!

General Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them. Hasbro does. Anyways, what kind of money can they get out of me?

Continuity Disclaimer: This Fic totally and absolutely disregards the fact that the Geonosians designed the Death Star under Poggle the Lesser, that the plans went to Count Dooku then Sidious, that the Separatists built it till their leaders were all murdered. It (this story that is,) also disregards the involvement of Raith Sienar & The Grand Moff Tarkin and the rest of THAT hoopla…phew…now that i got that off my chest, lets get on with the story..

Credits: Thanks to thebleetingnichodemus for writing that excellent piece of fanfic titled “Meditation Chamber”. Your imagination has inspired me to write this piece better. Also thanks to the Legion of Fanfic writers at for added inspiration.

The red hue is suddenly smashed by blinding white light as the whirring of manipulators remove the helmet and the Visual Enhancement Screen that protect the cranium of the being once known as Anakin Skywalker. As the hiss subsides, Vader’s eyes adjust to the light and he surrenders to the hate that envelops him everytime he enters the Meditation Chamber.
Tubes and more manipulators tend to the Fallen One and here at least, the man/machine/Jedi is able to give into the feeling of shame, hate and helplessness. Vader shuts his eyes as his mind wanders to different places and times. Focusing on the image of the Emperor, he meditates. “You are my chosen weapon Lord Vader. Long have I known the awesome potential in you my Dark Jedi. But our enemies are Legion, and you will swiftly crush them. ” The words faded as Vader’s mind’s eye saw a planet. However, this was no a mere planet. Vader watched as the part of the planet opened and began a cacophony of destruction. A nearby planet discorporated and then disentigrated before being sucked into the massive sphere of destruction. Satisfied, the Planet eater moved on.
Vader’s mind reeled at the awesome destructive power display he had just witnessed. Such a weapon in his hands would make him nigh unstoppable. He would even fulfill the Sith destiny of one day killing his master, Darth Sidious. Surely, this Planet eater exists and he will find it. A beep jolted him from his vision as his session in the meditation chamber came to an end. The helmet was replaced with yet another hiss and Vader climbed out of the Meditation Chamber.


“So he has appeared in this dimension as well ?” Rodimus looked at the intense hulking figure of Primal Prime. Sleek red ‘wings’ moved as the Optimus Prime-colored metallic primate turned to face the legendary, ageless Autobot. Primal Prime sighed “Wherever dimension that scum appears, whenever that Ancient Evil appears, we will stop him!” Rodimus looked down at his chest plate behind which lay the Matrix. Not the original receptacle of Leadership and wisdom that many Autobot leaders carried of course but one that Vector Sigma (possibly Primus himself) gave at the Summoning created for the express purpose of stopping Unicron.

Some time previously.

“I am Vector Sigma. Before Cybertron was, I WAS” the voice of Alpha Trion boomed around the chamber. Blinding white light obscured the optics of the Autobots gathered in the deepest bowels of Cybertron. In attendance were Rodimus, Primal Prime, the recently resurrected Optimal Optimus. Pacrat, The medic CatScan, the Autobot Valkarie Arcee, Tigatron, Windrazor, Apelinq, Fractyl, Glyph and Tap-Out. “I have summoned you for a purpose. Unicron lives. Not here, not now. Elsewhere. Rodimus, step forward.” Rodimus shot a look at the assembled Wreckers as he stepped forward. A point of blue light appeared in the middle of the chamber and the now-familiar form of the Matrix appeared. Rodimus’ chest plate opened as the ancient object neatly housed itself into the empty Matrix holder. Aghast, Rodimus spoke, “How is this possible? the Matrix is no more.” “You are right” Alpha Trion/Vector Sigma boomed. “It is no more. But it exists for a purpose. Unicron must be stopped.” With that pronunciation, the chamber grew dark once more as the essence of Cybertron grew quiet again.

The rest watched with awe. Optimal Optimus broke the silence. “Its obvious that you and the rest of the Wreckers have now been charged with the task of stopping Unicron. Come, let us adjourn to the Situation Room. There is much to be discussed.” In the massive room, Packrat asked the burning question that was on everyone’s mid “So how does Vector Sigma expect us to hunt down Unicron? I mean he could be anywhere, anytime!” Just then Cheetor barged into the room .”Big Bot! i just received a transmission from Vector Sigma ! it simply says that he has prepared the equipment for the Wrecker’s mission. Here are the co-ordinates!”. The group swiftly made their way to the catacombs nearer to Vector Sigma’s Chambers. “Right behind this door” Optimus rumbled. “I know this place!” This is where the Aerialbots were created! Silverbolt showed me this place years ago!” Rodimus exclaimed. Behind the door, the Wreckers and Optimus saw the sleekest space vessel he’d ever seen. “Does this answer your question Packrat?” Inside they found advanced scanners tuned into Unicron’s energy pattern and other equipment. Far at the end of the ship, Optimus saw something that made him chuckle, “A CR chamber! He thought of everything”.

Optimal Optimus and Cheetor stood and watched as the spacecraft, dubbed Axalon2 took off. “Till all are one….come home safely” he whispered to himself.

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